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Offering both autogenous chest cartilage and MEDPOR ™ framework options

Dr. Russell H. Griffiths is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in the beautiful mountains of Boise, Idaho. He completed his medical training at Washington University School of Medicine (ranked #5 by the US News and World Report). He then completed his plastic and reconstructive surgery training at Barnes Jewish Hospital/Washington University, also in St. Louis. Dr. Griffiths became interested in treating deformities in the head and neck in children while in medical school and pursued this dream by completing a craniofacial surgery fellowship with Dr. Jeffrey Marsh at the St. Louis Children's Hospital. In 1998, he opened his practice in Boise, Idaho, quickly becoming a regional specialist treating craniofacial deformities including microtia and anotia. Dr. Griffiths has a keen interest in art and sculpture and applies his careful visual analysis and artistic skills to creating a new standard for reconstructing external ears.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Russell H. Griffiths

Microtia Ear Surgery Gallery

Microtia Ear Surgery
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Ear Reconstruction from Trauma or Cancer

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