MEDPOR™ Ear Reconstruction Surgery

MEDPOR Prosthetic EarThe MEDPOR™ auricular prosthesis has been around since the mid 1990’s. It has been used worldwide for microtia reconstruction.

Advantages include the ability to operate on a younger child, decreased operating room time, avoidance of chest incision, ease of use, and the ability to be used by less experienced surgeons who do not have the artistic ability to carve ear framework out of cartilage.

The primary disadvantage of the MEDPOR™ implant is that it is a foreign material. If at any time during the lifetime of that patient there is a laceration on the ear exposing the framework, then there is a great risk for having the underlying framework becoming infected requiring complete removal. The plastic framework can also break causing a tear in the skin with subsequent infection and ear loss. Secondary reconstructive operations can be very costly with limited options given the primary skin grafts, skin flaps and fascia flaps were used with the first ear reconstruction. We all know that children can be children and that lacerations on the ear can occur. Another disadvantage of the MEDPOR™ polyethylene plastic framework is that it comes in one size and shape. If you carefully study ears you will notice a significant variation in size, shape, and projection.

Medpor Ear Reconstruction Before and After Boise, ID

Ear Reconstruction Boise, ID Medpor

MEDPOR™ One Stage Ear Reconstruction

MEDPOR One Stage Ear Reconstruction

MEDPOR™ One Stage Ear Reconstruction

One Stage Ear Reconstruction Medpor

MEDPOR™ One Stage Ear Reconstruction

MEDPOR Little Ear Mictotia Surgery Bosie

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