Microtia & Hearing Restoration Symposium

July 10 - 11, 2020

Symposium Itinerary

Speakers (Interesting informational stuff)

Russell H. Griffiths M.D.

Multi-stage rib graft ear reconstruction

Why are multiple stages necessary for some surgeons

One-stage rib graft ear reconstruction

How is it done

One-stage Medpor ear reconstruction

Microtia reconstruction and canalplasty in the same surgery CAM

Rib Graft Framework CAM

Medpor Framework CAM

James V. Crawford M.D.

How to determine who is a candidate for canalplasty  

Temporal bone CT scan

Canalplasty for aural atresia

Bone conduction hearing device surgery

When to choose a post, magnet, or implant.

Russell H. Griffiths M.D.

Hemifacial Microsomia, Goldenhar’s syndrome, and Treacher Collin’s syndrome

How is the anatomy different

Microtia reconstruction challenges

Soft tissue reconstruction and fat grafting

Jaw (orthognathic) surgery

Jessica Stich-Hennen Au.D

Hearing loss

Audiological testing

Family support

Educational support

Bone conduction hearing technology

Health Insurance and Ear Reconstruction

How to get the surgery you deserve for a minimal out-of-pocket

Patient Experience

Parent perspective (moms and dads from multiple families)

Teen perspective

Adult patient perspective

Patient Panel open questions

2 Ears 2 Learn non-profit David Elsey

Individual consultations with Doctors after the meeting


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