Ear Reconstruction After Trauma or Cancer

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Russell H. Griffiths, MD, is a recognized and accomplished ear reconstruction surgeon providing care for those that have experienced trauma or cancer that affects the form and function of their ear. Those seeking ear reconstruction after trauma or cancer can contact our practice in Boise, ID, to learn more about their treatment options.

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Reconstructing the Ear after Trauma

Our most common patient is a victim of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or ATV accident, but we also frequently see burns and bites. If you are only missing part of your ear, then your solution may be straightforward. If the accident was more severe and also damaged the surrounding tissues, then your solution might be more complicated. We will have to establish whether the vascular supply to the scalp fascia is intact. A Doppler ultrasound of the superficial temporal artery and the occipital artery can usually be performed at your local hospital. Please contact our office and we will help you obtain the necessary studies. 

girl with ear trauma
Submitting Photographs for Review


Dr. Griffiths will need detailed photographs to review your case
(please see instructions on submitting photographs).

Combining Tissue Expander and Rib Cartilage Graft

The patient below lost his ear in a rodeo bull riding accident. He sustained associated injuries to his surrounding bone and soft tissues including the superficial temporal artery. His ear canal was intact but partially closed by the scar tissue. His ear was reconstructed with a two stage technique utilizing a tissue expander and a rib cartilage graft. Dr. Griffiths now reconstructs injuries like these in a single stage utilizing an occipitalis artery flap and either a rib cartilage or MEDPOR® framework. 

This young man traumatically lost his left ear in a bull riding accident. The photos on the right are taken 1 year after his reconstruction.

Reconstructing the Ear after Cancer

The three most common cancers of the external ear are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. The extent of your surgery to remove the cancerous lesion will affect the degree of reconstruction necessary. If surgery involved a lymph node dissection or radiation therapy, reconstruction may be more complicated. Similar to trauma, we will need to determine whether the vascular supply to the scalp fascia is intact. Dr. Griffiths will also need detailed photographs to review pathology reports, operative reports, and a summary of treatment from your cancer surgeon. Our team can help you obtain these studies and reports.

This patient was able to have his ear reconstructed with a rib cartilage graft after losing part of it due to skin cancer.

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Upon review of your medical records and examination of your ear, Dr. Griffiths can provide a more precise analysis and recommendation for treatment. Contact us online, or call us directly at (208) 433-1736 to begin planning your ear reconstruction after trauma or cancer surgery.

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My son is experiencing a happiness and a confidence that I have never seen before. You have taken away a big, big hurt...Thank you for making my son happy. Michael, Father of a Former Patient

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